Dream Big With Less

  • Zero Code App Studio

    Build and launch your product in weeks, at a fraction of the cost

  • Buffered SLA

    Socialize with investors, corporates and influencers around the World to expand globally

  • Validate within your environment

    Place your apps on inJomo App Store and make them Globally accessible. Organize virtual events to evangelize your product.

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Startups can launch products
with 75% less capital

Zero Code App Studio

Design, build and launch products, from scratch, in just weeks without coding. If you already have a product, use the studio to extend new features and make it enterprise-ready.

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Umbrella SLA

You just worry about building great products. inJomo can offer corporates SLA on your behalf to enable frictionless onboarding, vendor due diligence, risk assessment and product compliance across the Globe

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Deploy your products to inJomo Marketplace that is accessible to corporates around the World. They can browse, and start testing your product in their environment within minutes.

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