Engage without Hassle

  • Pre-qualified startups

    Startups scored based on balance sheet, accreditation, technology, security and more

  • Buffered SLA

    All startups will be under an umbrella SLA. You can now sign-on without commitment.

  • Validate within your environment

    InJomo provides you with an isolated environment for you to test the product using your corporate data

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Your Business Teams can lead
corporate innovation

App Store

Browse through emerging apps from brilliant startups in AI, Fintech, Insurtech, Retail and more. Instantly download and deploy them to a dedicated environment.

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Contract-free engagement

Get going quickly. Engage as many startups as you like without worrying about procurement, SLA, due diligence or contracts. inJomo includes certified startups under one super simple SLA for POC purposes. No contracts needed and evaluate without commitment.

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Test in your environment

Securely test apps against your enterprise datasets. Connect to your IT systems in a snap using API marketplace. Use smart workflows to extend the existing capabilities of the product to test scalability and robustness of the apps.

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